Dark Roast Coffee helps with Parkinson Disease

The Bright Side to Dark Roast coffee.

In addition to loving the taste there are other benefits to Dark Roast. It could actually be protecting you from dementia and Parkinson’s disease later in life! Here is how scientists are proving you really will lose your mind if you don't have your Catfight Coffee!

Earlier research linked coffee consumption with reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s, but now the Krembil Brain Institute in Toronto, Canada went a step further by doing experimenting with three different types of coffee – light roast, dark roast, and decaffeinated dark roast. They performed tests to see how the compounds in the coffee interacted with the proteins that are typically found in the brain when someone has Alzheimer’s or another age-related brain condition.

Their findings were that a chemical compound in dark roast – both caffeinated and decaffeinated provide the best protection against cognitive conditions. Our darkest roasts are our new Anniversary Blend and our Eclipse blend, the Anniversary being the darker of the two. 

More studies will follow but what’s even more exciting is that this compound is naturally occurring rather than synthetic – Mother Nature is a better chemist than pharmaceutical companies! How great to grow a crop, harvest it grind it and extract it rather than create a chemical compound!!

It may seem like a long way off before you have to worry about the “age related” problems but now is the time to start getting that long term brain health..and do we really need to give you a good reason to drink more Catfight Coffee?

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