The benefits of black coffee!

The benefits of black coffee!

  Black Flag weren't sining about the health benefits to black coffee when they wrote the song of that name. But we'll key you into what those benefits sans Henry Rollins. 
 The minority of people drink their coffee black but those of you who add sugar or cream might want to consider a switch to black when you hear the surprising side effects of drinking black coffee.

  It can help your gut! If you have digestive issues black coffee may aid in keeping that tract healthy by creating a healthy gut microbiome. It will keep you moving – you know what I mean – it stimulates the production of stomach acid which aids in moving food through your gut and keeping you regular!
  It may be effective in the risk of Type 2 diabetes, cancer, liver disease and heart disease. Those bioactive substances indicated the risk of heart failure over time decreased between 5% and 12% for each cup of coffee compared to those we didn’t drink coffee.

  Mental Health! While it may not completely eliminate depressive symptoms it can be part of your toolbox as an additional coping mechanism to enhance concentration and improve motor control by creating changes in the brain.

  A couple of cautions – if you drink coffee too late and too many it can exacerbate insomnia, so if you have problems with poor sleep quality it’s better to have your caffeine earlier in the day so that it has time to wear off before bedtime. The same can be said for acid reflux – take it easy on the amount you drink.

Back to the good stuff – black coffee can make for a good pre workout! Blogilates shares that coffee can be a good pre-workout beverage. It’s been shown to improve workout performances for both athletes and non-athletes. It is suggested that you dink your cup about an hour before your workout.

And one more thing - black coffee helps you focus according a study in Nutrients that indicates how coffee contains over 1000 compounds including phenolics and chrlorogenic acid that have been studied for their effects on focus.

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