Why do Italians love coffee so much?

Why do Italians love coffee so much?

  Recently Catfight Coffee had the pleasure of serving coffee to the bands Apocalyptica and Lacuna Coil. You may not know this, but we could have started an international incident over who loves coffee more. Italy, where Lacuna Coil are from or, Apocaliptica who reside in Finland. Since we just took a trip to Italy, let’s examine the Italians love of coffee...

Espresso is not only the most consumed beverage in Italy, it is an essential daily ritual linked to the culture. It matters little that coffee doesn’t possess Italian roots. It is an institution that is part of the identity for which Italians are recognized. Its in the traditions and habits across all ages and genders in Italy.

  Research conducted by the Milan Chamber of Commerce and ICO (International Coffee Organization) examined Italians’ consumption habits, beverage choices and preparation preferences. On average Italians drink 4 coffee drinks a a day, most of them espressos, 2 at home and 2 out side of the home.

  Coffee is an unavoidable part of the Italians’ life: they consume it, produce it, trade it, celebrate it and of course, talk about it. But why? Scientific research tells us there is a link between DNA and the passion for coffee.

Although the passion for coffee does not geographically segment the world population, the researchers argue that the reason why Italians drink so much coffee is because in their genetic baggage lies a gene that influences the daily need for caffeine. While other populations carry a PDSS2 gene variable that leads them to drink less coffee.

This brings us to the answer to the question. Who loves coffee more. Italy or Finland? Finland drinks more coffee per capita than any country on the planet. That’s a fact. But passion and consumption are two different things. The Italians have it in their DNA and this is a proven fact. We are giving the love of coffee award to Italy!

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