Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your support!

Hey Catfight Creep Crew!

First, let’s start with a thank you. While Keith Jewett might have been the grand prize winner of the bass (congrats to Keith!), truthfully WE were the winners. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support in this fun contest.

It was an exhilarating 2 weeks. A lot of factors were at play. Trying to size up what hearses were actively for sale on the market and not knowing where we were going to end up financially changed our options daily.  When the lottery ended the two that were on the market were a 1971 and a 1988. Both great options.

The ’71 Hearse had been rebuilt from the ground up. That can be good or bad. If it were done right, well you have a brand new car! If it’s done wrong, you getting a whole world of problems.

The ’88 had relatively low miles, and was owned by a funeral director who never had one major problem with it. It was all 100% original and clean as a whistle.

The ’71 was a little bit cooler since it was older. It had a bit more of the Sweet Baby Jesus factor. But the 88 would be more practical for overall use.

The ’71 was also a lot more expensive.

On Sunday when we held the drawing, we  we ended up in the ‘Sheer ClasSick’ area of fund raising! Which was exactly where we had hopped to be, but this put the ’71 slightly out of range.

On Monday, the first call we made was to the ’71 and made a very low offer thinking we could work our way up and meeting in the middle.

We weren’t even close to where the seller wanted to be price wise.

The next call was to the ’88 who was entertaining several offers. He needed to think about our offer and call us back.

Now that the ’71 was off the table, the tension was crazy! What if we ended up with the funding, but now nothing on the market! That would suck, but wouldn’t be the end of the world. It just means we would have to wait till we found a suitable Hearse.

Low and behold, the owner’s son of the 1988 called us back to say our offer was accepted and that we could pick it up the next day, Tuesday.

We arrived and went to the bank to withdraw the funds, and due to us being out of stage, it being a larger than usual withdraw, we needed to clear extra security…our nerves were racked.

Finally, we traded keys for cash and hit the open road!

Our Cat-illac purred all the way down the highway!

As promised to our lottery ticket buyers-we immediately went to work.

We delivered a package to a customer of the week in the area, and then went to the roasting plant and loaded up on the brand new Bali Cat coffee to ship fresh to you!

And now, we are a last minute addition to the Rockabilly Uprising in Smithville NJ. The timing of the company Hearse couldn’t be better.

Thank you!

Your Lottery packages update...

With the lottery ending on Sat/Sunday, and printers closed on the weekend. we couldn’t place our order till Monday. Also, we needed to get total #’s on tees before ordering.

We should have the key chains, bumperstickers, cards and tee shirts by around Oct. 2 and everything ships out shortly after that.

Again, from myself and Meiling-thank you!

Catfight Coffee

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