You are going to love our new mugs!

You are going to love our new mugs!

Even before we started vending at Oddities and Punk Rock flea markets, we had an interest in local artists and independent companies. But starting our own company and standing shoulder to shoulder with other unique entrepreneurs at these unique events has only accelerated our passion and commitment to supporting these outlaws.

Nicole Pangas is one such artist and or outlaw. Each piece Nicole makes is had made in Ann Arbor Michigan, ‘I create one of a kind pottery cups, mugs, tankards, pour-over coffee filters, shaving bowls, and more. All are decorated freehand and handmade by myself using high fired stoneware clay- very durable and made to be used. Totally unique!’

We are very proud to have an assortment of mugs designed just for Catfight Coffee.

While all the mugs have a similar look, each is unique. You may find yourself staring at your mug finding new details you hadn’t seen before.

Each is stamped ‘Catfight 2020’ on the bottom and signed by the artist. We hope you enjoy these mugs as much as we have.

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Catfight Coffee

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