Monday Mayhem Week of Sept. 29-Oct. 4th.

Monday Mayhem Week of Sept. 29-Oct. 4th.

Incased you missed the memo, music is a huge part of Catfight Coffee.

Our coffee is music for your mouth. But the music for your ears is generally music considered 'Outsider' music. Everything from Johnny Cash to Marilyn Manoson. Bad Religion to Twin Temple. Metallica to David Bowie.

Every week we update our Spotify playlist. Sometimes we have special guests taking over the virtual turn tables. Other times, it's a little overview of what happened in the history of music we love for the coming week. Which is what this week is. If you haven't done so already, please join our crew and follow ou Spotify channel. 

Maybe one of the most important historical points this week is this one;  The worlds first CD Walkman was released by Sony in 1982 for about 650.00. Forever changing the way we listen to music and ushering the digital age of music files. 

This week in music, ‘Nightmare Revisited’ was released in 2008, which was an album of covers of Danny Elfman songs from the album Nightmare Before Christmas. All things considered this was a pretty slow week music news wise. Kiss Launched the Psycho Circus tour in 1998 and Gene and Shannon Tweed got married in 2011. Soundgarden released the Screaming Life.

We lost Tom Petty Passed in 2017, Janis Joplin in 1970 The Cars Benjamin Orr in 2000.

Iron Maiden released Somewhere in Time. Aerosmith’s (first) Greatest Hits was released. Happy Birthday to Tommy Lee.

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