Coffee Cherries from our farmers in Mexico!

How many beans are there in a cup of coffee?

How many beans are there in a cup of coffee?

Before we answer that take a second ponder this for a minute:
Did you know that coffee cherries are still hand-picked?
Harvesting methods are still the same because they yield the best results and preserve the crops. Just think – hand picked for your cup of coffee!

The bushes must be pruned, soil has to be cared for, and the plants providing shade for the coffee must also be tended. In his book “Overstory” Richard Powers writes about how trees and plants actually communicate, have feelings and care for each other. That plant is important to your cup of coffee as well!

On top of that the farmers concentration on quality means deciding on the best harvest times. There can be a broad range because of microclimates on a single piece of property.
Our famers in Mexico on one of the drying patios.

The drying patio when the cherries are dried and ready to be shipped.

Then the coffee beans must be sorted, washed, dried, packaged and shipped.

So, the next time you drink your coffee – have some gratitude! Think of the plant, those who tend the plants, the pickers, the farmers, and the people who get it from the farm to you.

And remember this is year round work!

And as to the number of beans – the average cup of coffee is made from around 50 beans!

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