Dark Chocolate is directly linked to the pallet of black Coffee drinkers.

What is your favorite chocolate?

What’s your favorite chocolate? Around here, there is no right or wrong answer. We love all chocolates. But, if answer dark chocolate chances are you like your coffee black! But wait..there's more...

A recent study in Scientific Reports delves into the genetic markers of coffee drinkers. Thought your DNA your you can see where your ancestors came from. While that is fascinating, it also tells something about why you like your coffee black.

The research showed that people whose genes predispose them to metabolize caffeine quickly like to take their coffee black AND prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate. The researchers collected information and completed extensive reports their diets, including how much coffee they consumed and how they sweetened it, if at all. They also looked at self-reported preferences for bitter flavors such as those found in some beers and dark chocolate.

However, the caffeine metabolizers did not tend to have the genetic variations associated with a preference for bitter tastes.

So then why do they like bitter black coffee? It’s the “perceived caffeine content.” People who metabolize caffeine see coffee’s effects wear off swiftly and seek out coffee they perceive to be as strong as possible!

So, there you have it – that’s why you like your coffee black. I know I do, and I also like dark chocolate! I also love history and so my DNA Ancestry test tells me where my forebears are from. I wonder if they drank their coffee black as well?

Raw Cacao beans look very similar to coffee beans.

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