S'mores Latte!

S'mores Latte!

If you tuned in to this weekends Cattail Hour, hopefully you enjoyed watching us make a delicious dessert coffee cocktail (or Cattail) called a 'S'mores Latte'. 
It's pretty easy to make and tastes amazing. Great on a snowy, cold day.

It all starts with  2 shots of espresso that is going to add the coffee element to this latte. If you don't have an espresso machine, never fear; you can brew some coffee extra strong-or in a pinch-make it extra strong with some instant coffee.
 It has to be a strong brew because of all of the other ingredients are very sweet and the sweetness and milk can drown out the coffee flavor. Either way, you'll need one ounce. 

Then froth 2/3 cup of milk or, heat in a sauce pan for 3/4 minutes adding 2 tea spoons of chocolate syrup. 

On a plate crush up Gram Crackers and drizzle the rim of the mug with chocolate syrup. Place the mug upside down in the crushed Gram crackers similar to how you would salt a margarita glass. 

In a mug add the espresso at the hot chocolate together and add 2 table spoons of Marshmallow fluff and stir together. 

In another cup or bowl add 2 table spoons of Marshmallow Fluff and 4 table spoons of whipped cream and mix together. 

Then top the mocha drink with the Fluff/Whipped cream and add the rest of the Gram crackers. 

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