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New Feature: Chiller Tuesday VHS Movie reviews with Kris Spooks!

Ladies and Germs!
 We would like to introduce you to our latest Catfight Feature, 'Chiller Tuesday'with your host, Kris.  Kris has a great podcast called Gizmos Corner (which you can find here!)and lives in the Spook Haus (which you should definitely follow both on IG and other platforms). Kris watches all the movies she reviews on VHS from her mammoth collection of celluloid killers. 
Let's get right to it! Here is Kris's review of the 1982 classic, 'Pieces'.

First up of movies I recommend to watch on VHS if you can snag a copy, - 

“Pieces” (1982).

Directed by Juan Piquer Simón, Pieces opens with a young boy putting together a risqué puzzle, being caught shortly after. As his mother goes on a tirade of yelling, the young boy snaps. He takes an axe and…..you guessed it! Hacks his mother to PIECES! 

Get it? GET IT?? Heh um…. Moving on….

Jumping 40 years later, we settle on campus set in Boston where a mysterious killer starts targeting co-eds. As each murder occurs, the killer takes a piece of the victim, slowly constructing a human puzzle. The closer we get to the finale, the killer reveal is more obvious than not, but never lacks in fun! (Especially that final scene!)

Laundered with red herrings, the most random Kung fu scene ever filmed, and BASTARDDDD- Pieces is one of the most fun, ridiculous slashers I’ve ever seen! Shot in Spain, this movie rides the line of slasher with giallo inspiration. From the killers costume to the incredible gore in each kill, this movie falls into the number one spot of my favorite horror film. Do not expect amazing acting or a perfect plot. If you’re looking for a straight forward 80s slash and gash, accompanied with an enjoyable soundtrack and some comical acting, you’ve found it! 

Streaming now: Shudder, Amazon Prime, Tubi

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