Bourbon Cask Coffee Facts!

Bourbon Cask Coffee Facts!

Around this time last year we rolled our a Bourbon Cask infused Coffee. For those not familiar, here’s your trivia for today that will make you a prime conversationalist at your next get together (or bore the hell out of the in-laws during the holidays).
 Green (unroasted) coffee beans are extremely porous and they pick up the flavors and aromas of their environment. This is why coffee importers go to great lengths to protect them during shipping and storage.

 But what if you used that liability and turned it into an asset? That’s exactly what happens when you put green coffee beans into the casks used to produce fine bourbon. Now you can have the wonderful bourbon and oak taste and aroma in your coffee without the alcohol.
 Remember, the green beans are extremely porous so the flavor and aroma is infused just by being in the cask for a period of time. They aren’t actually soaked in bourbon so, don’t worry–it won’t affect your breathalyzer test!!

It will just affect your taste test!!!

So, when the gang comes over your knowledge about coffee beans. And who knows, maybe we'll bring this brew back shortly...

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