Whats up with Mexican Coffee?

Whats up with Mexican Coffee?

Mexico is a country not a lot of us know much about. We obviously know about the food. We know that areas like Cancun, Cabo and even Tijuana draw in tourists. But digging deeper, you will find a country rich in historical, geological and climatic diversity. But don’t worry, we aren’t creating a travel brochure for Mexico. We’re gonna stick to black gold that Mexico produces. Coffee!
~and! On January 20th 2021 we will be visiting our farmers in Nayarit Mexico. We want you to see it first hand. All you have to do is pick up a bag of Cleopatra  Coffee (shop here) and we will send you a code to join us on this amazing adventure, virtually! 

In the past, Mexico didn’t usually get much spotlight on cafe menus, but that’s started to change. Despite Mexico’s close proximity to the US, a large portion of it’s best coffee is actually exported to Europe. Many of the best farms have had agreements with European buyers for decades.

Another plus to Mexican coffee is the agricultural philosophy that manny of the indigenous farmers practice lines up perfectly with organic farming. In other words, the Mexican farmers have been practicing ‘Certified Organic’ techniques decades before that term even existed!

Depending on how the coffee is processed and roasted, Mexican coffees, (the specialty-grade quality that Catfight serves) are generally akin to a good white wine; Medium to light body with a subtle sweetness and fruity and earthy but with a clean finish. In other words it’s the IPA of Coffees. It’s a drinking coffee for sure. If it’s your ‘cheat day’ It might be a great pairing with Strawberry Short cake or Chocolate mousse.

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