What is the best way to keep coffee fresh?

What is the best way to keep coffee fresh?

If you are like us, you likely have never kept a bag of coffee around long enough to find out if it goes bad. But maybe you fell in love with one of our limited run coffees like our Anniversary Blend or our soon to be released Black Pumpkin and want to stash some away.

What is the best way to store your coffee?

Coffee can go bad. It’s never unsafe to drink or consume, but the taste and experience won’t be as great. It can’t make you sick, but it changes and loses flavor over time. In other words it gets stale.

You can tell a coffee has gone stale when the coffee tastes bland and the amazing aroma of coffee may start to become pungent.

The best way to get a long life out of a bag of coffee is by grinding your own beans.

Whole bean coffee will stay fresh for about 3 months after opening the bag, where as pre-ground coffee will start to loose flavor after just a week of being open.

One of the biggest myths to keeping your coffee fresh is to store the beans in a freezer. Freezers not only dry out the beans, but can also cause the beans to get freezer burn which will make the coffee lose flavor.

The best way to store your coffee is in a dark cool location. Light, heat, moisture and oxygen are all culprits in robbing your coffee of freshness and taste. If you keep them in an air tight container, make sure you pick up one that has a one way vent so that lets the CO2 the coffee produces out.

Now you know why we roast our coffee as frequently as we do. We never like to keep a coffee on hand for more that a week or so. It would be more economic for us as a company to roast larger batches, but none of that matters if we aren’t giving you the best.

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