More uses for your used coffee grinds!

More uses for your used coffee grinds!

Grounds can have other uses!!

You may remember my previous post about using your coffee grinds in your garden. They add nutrients and keep away bugs! And, if you compost – and I hope you do, don’t forget to put your used grinds in your compost container.

Here are a few extra uses you may want to consider! Give them a try!

Scratches on your wooden table or wood floors? Mix 1 T of grounds with 1 T of olive oil. Use a cotton swab to rub into the wood and let it soak in for about an hour. Then buff with a clean cloth. You can do another application if it’s not quite as dark as you like. Fresh grounds will give the darkest color.

Do your hands smell after cutting onions or garlic? Rub some grounds on your hands and rinse off. Viola! Clean smelling hands!

Why use baking soda to absorb odors in your fridge when you can have the delightful smell of coffee instead? Just put some holes in the lid of a container and add unbrewed grounds to absorb other odors. Replace about once a month.

In addition to adding grounds in your outdoor garden, you can add them to any of your indoor plants as well. Just scatter a bit in the soil or add leftover coffee (no sugar or cream) to the pot now and then.

And, one last suggestion – put dry grounds in sachet bags and add them to dresser drawers or closets for absorbing odors.

There you have it – more ways to use and reuse!

Catfight Coffee


Catfight Coffee

Using coffee as a deodorizer in my kitchen cabinets has been a life changer!

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