The Texas Speed Trap; Coffee and Cream Soda.

The Texas Speed Trap; Coffee and Cream Soda.

Texas Speed Trap

Everything is bigger in Texas, especially their love of Cream Soda. No place on the planet drinks more of it than the lone star state. Texas also has wide long highways.  It's super easy to open up the throttle and next thing you know, you have that red and blue bubblegum machine blinking in the rearview.

That’s what this drink tastes like. Driving fast with the windows open and your knuckles turning white with your grip on the wheel. Sound good to you? Me too…

This is a super easy Coffee Cocktail with 2 variations: 1 for people who have cold brew handy or, may not have an espresso machine and 1 for those who brew espresso.

If you don’t have an espresso machine, don’t sweat it. But when you brewing the cold brew, this recipe works better if the cold brew is brewed strong…almost as a concentrate.

6oz of Cream Soda

4oz of Cold Brew Coffee (or 2 shots of Espresso)

1-2oz of Heavy Whipping Cream.


-Take a glass that can hold at least 12oz (Pint glass will do just fine!) and fill about 1/2 or 2/3 with Ice.


-Add 6oz of Cream Soda


-Add either 4oz of cold brew coffee or Espresso. If you are using espresso, try to let the shots cool or pour slowly down the inside of the glass.


-Top with heavy whipping cream and let it rip! 

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