The Gem Spa Egg Coffee!

The Gem Spa Egg Coffee!

 We named this coffee after the legendary hang out on St. Marks Place in New York City that served legendary Egg Cream Sodas, the Gem Spa. This is the spot where Robert Maplethorpe bought Patti Smith an Egg cream her first night in NYC from Gem Spa. The New York Dolls pose in front of Gem Spa, on the back of their debut album. Ginsberg and Berrigan both mentioned the stand in their books and Basquiat named one of his most famous paintings after the Gem Spa.

When we discovered the Vietnamese egg coffee, we were pretty skeptical. But in the name of science (Thanks Travis) we knew we had to give this a try. We are glad we did because this is now a household favorite and we are ready to share the gospel of this drink to the masses. needed a better name. While Gem Spa was famous for its Egg Cream Soda, (which was chocolate syrup, milk, and club soda) that drink doesn’t have anything to do with coffee. So, as a tip of the hat to the former haunt to beats, punks, and artists of all kinds we present, The Gem Spa Egg Coffee.



- 2 Large Egg Yolks

- 1/2 cup of sweetened condensed milk

-1teaspoon of vanilla extract

-60 grams/2oz of Catfight Eclipse Dark Roast

-1 liter/34 oz of hot water.

-cocoa or cinnamon 

1) Combine the egg yolk and condensed milk in a bowl with a mixer and mix for about 10 minutes. Take a small amount and see if it floats on top of a glass of water. If it does float, your done whipping it, Devo.

2) Brew the coffee in your apparatus of preference.

3) Pour an even amount of coffee into 4 cups.

4) Gently spoon some of the whipped egg mixtures onto the top of each coffee.

5) dust with cocoa or cinnamon 


 Enjoy this awesome coffee drink with 3 of your favorite friends, or alone with about 2 hours to kill and a book. ; )

Catfight Coffee

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