The sound of cracking...

The sound of cracking...

A little bit of a coffee history lesson here. The practice of roasting coffee beans started roughly 1,000 years ago. Roasting technology started in the 1400s and it was the 1800s before companies started doing it on a massive scale.

Roasting today is far more specific and personal. Local micro-roasters artfully roast beans and you may even have many options in your area. If not, you can easily find them online.

Recently we have gotten emails from Catfight crew members who are taking advantage of the smaller more economical roasting machines and giving it a go at home. Nearly all are finding a bit more complicated than they imagined.

Roasting not only changes both the color and the texture of the bean but how it tastes when it’s brewed. So, roasters must keep an eagle eye on the beans progress throughout this procedure.

And the sound of cracking. Over the dull roar of the roasting machinery it’s important to keep an ear out (?) for the first sound of the beans cracking. These cracks signify key stages of the roasting process. The first crack occurs around 385 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on a few factors) after enough of the moisture in the coffee bean evaporates and causes the bean to expand and crack. This is the first sign of the beginning of a light roast.

So experienced roasters don’t just set the dial and go read the latest posts Tik Tok…no siree, they are using their senses – sight and sound to make sure the roast is perfect.

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