Can coffee help your liver?

Can coffee help your liver?

Rejoice Caffiends! A recent study published in the journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology found that high coffee consumption may help protect your liver from chronic disease. According to the study, drinking more than three cups of coffee was associated with less liver stiffness. Liver stiffness is associated with conditions such as liver inflammation, fibrosis and more.

Researchers looked at the relationship between consumption of three different beverages (coffee, decaffeinated coffee and tea) and liver stiffness. They found that those who reported drinking three cups of caffeinated coffee each day had lower liver stiffness levels than those who didn't consume any coffee. There was no significant association between liver stiffness measurement and the consumption of decaf coffee or tea. Once again proving that coffee kicks teas ass.

It is important to note that the researchers removed any sugar-sweetened coffee or tea from the results, as sweetened drinks actually led to greater liver stiffness.

While drinking a few cups a day isn't a magic bullet, coffee does have significant benefits, including boosting liver health. For optimal liver health, you'll want to eat a healthy diet, cut back on drinking alcohol and get plenty of exercise.

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