Surprising news on healthy coffee additives.

Surprising news on healthy coffee additives.

The Best and Worst things to add to your coffee!

Generally here at the Catfight HQ we take our coffee black. It’s nothing against sugar or milk, but adding sweeteners and or milk can mask the details of the coffee and lucky for us, drinking our coffee is also quality control. So, it’s important that we have it tasting great at the core.

Being the studious coffee drinkers we are, we recently came across an article that had some pretty revealing information regarding things you might add to your coffee. What are the healthiest and least healthiest to put in your mug?Here’s some suggestions from a dietician. The first suggestion is to drink a glass of water before your coffee. If that’s hard to remember fill your mug with water the night before.

Best add ins:
- Whole milk or oat milk – Whole milk gives you Vitamin D that you don’t get in skim milk.
-Protein powder-Protein powder gives you protein you miss with high fat half and half
-Raw sugar- you remember “just a spoonful of sugar” don’t you?
-Cocoa powder – It lowers your stress level so add it to hot or cold coffee.
-Cinnamon – Get that latte-like note to your coffee by sprinkling in some cinnamon.

Worst add ins:
-Skim milk
-Artificial sweeteners 
-Fiber powders – Artificial sweeteners and fiber powders will cause gas, bloat and pain.
-Butter, Half-and-half.  High in Saturated fats people!

 Obviously all this is subjective. If you are trying the Keto/Bullitproof diet, then adding butter is part of your routine. And if you have cholesterol problems, then you should avoid dairy all together. 
 Bottom line is we want you to stay around drinking Catfight as long as you can maybe one day we'll share a mug on a porch somewhere, but until then. Stay Caffeinated and healthy! 

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