Spiced Chai Tea hacks.

Spiced Chai Tea hacks.

While the world is ablaze with Pumpkin Spice, there is a drink that lingers in the shadows that's just as appropriate for this time of year. 
Our Black Spicy Chai tea.
One of the many things that makes it great for this time of year is it's versatility. 
Since it's a concentrate, you can easily have it hot or iced. 
The Ratio is 1 to 1, so if you add cold water and pour over ice you get a great Iced Tea. If you had hot water you get an nice 'cuppa cha' as they say in the UK.
Then you can substitute water with a milk of your choice to have a great latte. 
Lastly, is a personal favorite. The Dirty Chai. You get a Dirty Chai when you add espresso to your Chai Tea Latte. 
Below are few of the slang terms for a Dirty Chai tea latte. 

Chai + Milk= Chai Latte
Chai + Milk + Shot of Espresso= Dirty Chai Latte
Chai + Milk + 2 Shots of Espresso= Filthy Chai Latte

Which does raise the question. 
What would you call a Chai Latte with 3 shots of espresso? 
Grab a box of our Chai here.
And Grab a bag of our Espresso here and experiment on your own. Let us know what you come up with!

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