How does roasting effect the taste of your coffee?

How does roasting effect the taste of your coffee?


A One of the most important factors that determines a great tasting coffee is the care taken in roasting the coffee beans.

Before coffee beans are roasted they are green. The roaster exposes the beans to a high level of heat. The longer they roast the darker and stronger tasting they are. When the bean “cracks,” it loses its outer coating and releases the flavor of the bean. When the roasting is complete the beans can be blended and ground and that’s when you get the distinct and various flavors and brews.

A light roast coffee will have the most caffeine, medium roast a more balanced flavor and aroma, and darker roasts produce the full-bodied flavor. Dark roasts will boast a bitter, smoky taste in the cup.

The other variable that affects taste is where the coffee bean originate, the elevation and soil as well as the processing techniques that are unique to those regions.

Add to this the type of brewer used to prepare the cup – French press, drip, etc. that will affect the taste.

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