Do you love Espresso?

Do you love Espresso?

 Pressure is the key when it comes to great Espresso.
 Espresso is produced by passing steam pressurized to at least nine times the earth’s atmospheric pressure through that pack of finely-ground coffee.

To make really good espresso the machine is what makes the difference. If you are going to invest in a espresso machine, make sure it’s a good one – no pods for these, baby – it must have a portafilter that locks into the machine.
A couple of tell tale signs you are looking at a good espresso machine is a pressure gauge.  A pressure gauge ensures the shot is pulled at just the right time (pressure). It’s also recommended that you buy one with a built- in grinder for the really fresh beans.

Then there is the learning curve. You will have to be willing to put in the time to learn the perfect pull. Which will mean drinking a lot of espresso to get it right. 

Once you have the perfect machine, and taken the time to use it just right, you’ll get an awesome espresso. 

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