Cattail Hour Welsh Rarebit Recipe

Cattail Hour Welsh Rarebit Recipe

Hey Catfight Crew!
 If you tuned into this past weeks Cattail Hour we made my Grandpops dish that HE called Welsh Rarebit. The humorous part of the story resolved with a trip I took to Wales, ordered Welsh Rarebit and discovered that whatever it was my Grandpa was cooking, wasn't Welsh Rarebit at all!
 But that doesn't change the emotions that I feel when I smell this dish cooking in my kitchen. The sense of taste can transport us back to some fantastic memories. I have the same experience with coffee too, which I why it brings me such joy to have our coffee in your homes. 
 Regardless, this recipe is something taking Italian Carbonara sauce and pouring it over toast like you would with Cream Chipped beef. 

You will need;

1 lbs of bacon 

1 1/2 cans of evaporated milk

1 white onion medium deiced 

1 block of white sharp cheese chopped into small cubes. 

1 Loaf of white bread

Black pepper coarsely ground. 

 1) Fry up about 3/4 of the bacon and do NOT pour out the grease. Put the bacon on the side. 
 2) This is very important; Take the pan with the bacon grease off the burner and let cool. Once the grease is cool, put back on the burner at a very low heat.
 3) Sautee the chopped onions in the grease. 
 4) Crumble the bacon into the pan
 5) slowely add the evaporated milk.
 6) add the diced cheese
Once the cheese is melted take and keep off the burner. 
Toast some bread and pour the sauce over the toast. Add black pepper to taste! 
 Enjoyed best with Catifght coffee! 



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