Catfight Coffee Cold Brew Vs Hot Coffee Health Benefits

The Battle between hot vs. cold brew

Everyone always contemplates the differences between Cold Brew and Hot Brewed coffee when it comes to taste and caffeine. But, what about the health benefits of these two versions of coffee. Do they affect your health differently? And are they big enough to make any permanent changes in your caffeine consumption?

Dr. Majid Basit, a cardiologist with Memorial Hermann in Sugar Land, Texas says “Hot coffee has been shown to have higher amounts of antioxidants, which may offer health advantages. But more research needs to be done.”

A 2018 study in Scientific Reports found that hot coffees higher level of antioxidants which can prevent or slow damage to cells compared to cold brew. But it is important to note that the differences are not big enough to overcome variables so you’ll get your solid dose of caffeine whether hot or cold.

Basit says “Caffeine increases brain alertness and general energy levels.” 

But, there is one characteristic of a warm cup of coffee! Using rats in a lab experiment researchers found that a single whiff of hot coffee was enough to reduce tiredness and stress levels. Hot coffee has more vapers emanating from it so that may be the reason. Or it could be that one thing Rats and Cats can agree on is that Catfight Coffee is bound to make your day better.

So the bottom line is there is no or very little difference – drink what you like!!

Catfight Coffee

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