How we pair coffee with a brand.

How we pair coffee with a brand.

  One question we are often asked is, 'How do you decide what coffee goes with a new license or brand?'
   It's always a group effort between 3 people. Catfight Coffee, the brand, and YOU the customer. 
  The first two may seem obvious, but how are you involved? When we see a hole in our range of coffees we often test it out as a cold brew or in our cheaters club mystery box subscription. 

 The response to our Burundi AA coffee from our Cheaters Club was really overwhelming where as the coffee we had from China was only luke warm. We intentionally put those two coffees out there because we didn't have any coffee from Africa or Asia in our range. We shared the feeling and really liked the Burundi AA coffee a lot as well. But what would the Prince of Darkness think?    We sent Alice a couple of coffees and he landed on the same decision you did. The Burundi AA would become our Alice Cooper Coffee!

  With our new Crimson Roast Misfits coffee, we had released it as a limited edition coffee under the name 'Red Magic'. We wanted something in our range that would be similar to the Black Magic, but not nutty in taste.
 Everyone in the Catfight Crew fell in love with it's red velvety smooth and naturally sweet flavor. When the Misfits camp came up with the name, 'Crimson Roast' we immediately thought of our Red Magic. We got samples in their hands, made a few adjustments and Crimson Roast was born. 

 This week we are launching our Evil Dead coffee. In this case, we knew that we would be launching in the fall, but that our crew wasn't exactly the 'Karen Pumpkin Spice Latte' type. Also, could we come up with a taste that would compliment fall, but be a great year round drink? We also wanted to make sure that it was tied in to the movie somehow. Some of you may already know that the original Evil Dead takes place in Tennessee. Our Whiskey infused coffee released last year was a huge hit...and last we checked a lot of good whiskey comes from Tennessee. With that in mind we developed our new Pecan Whiskey 'Evil Dead' coffee. 

  As with everything we do at Catfight Coffee, our licensed branded coffee have a lot of detail put into them. It would probably be more cost effective to just slap a big name on a bag of cheap coffee and let the name of the franchise sell the coffee. But to us, that would be coasting and not holding what we do to a higher standard. 

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