Catfight Coffee Actually Wants Strangers to Text Them?

Catfight Coffee Actually Wants Strangers to Text Them?

Seriously? Does Catfight Coffee want me to text them? Is there some kind of robot on the other end? What am I getting myself into when I text CFC?

First of may be strange, but that doesn't make you a stranger.

Yes, seriously we want you to text us. That text, while not our private phone numbers, your message does go straight to our phones and we, humans-are texting you back.

Catfight has said from day one that we are about community and there is nothing more personal and community building than getting (or sending) a text directly to a person.

The skeptics will reason that they will get their phones blown up with ads. We assure you that isn’t the case, in fact- It’s a fun way for us to bridge the gaps that algorithms have created. No more delay or missed information. When you are a part of the Catfight text crew, you find out all the cool things, from us as nearly as quickly as we do! For this reason, our texts will always be personal and exclusive to our texting crew.

But best of all-we want you to see that stand behind our work.

We aren’t afraid for you to tell us directly if there is a problem with your order or if there is something we could do better.

While most people start a company to work for themselves, we are very aware that we work for you.

+1 (917) 580-6406

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