7 Coffee, Tea and Espresso hacks you can try at home with Catfight Coffee.

7 Coffee, Tea and Espresso hacks you can try at home with Catfight Coffee.


Coffee and Tea are more present in our daily lives than ever. We can't leave the house and not see some new coffee drink that piques our interest. Here are 7 that we have been seeing creep up recently and ways to try them at home with Catfight.  


1) Bulletproof Coffee; You’ve heard of it and seen it at Whole Foods, but what IS it?

This high calorie coffee was originally intended to replace breakfast. Not recommended for daily drinking, it's made up of two cups of coffee, two tablespoons of butter and one or two tablespoons of MCT oil (fats found in foods like coconut oil) and mixed in a blender. Try it at home with our Eclipse Dark Roast and avoid those expensive Whole Foods Prices.


2) Iced Chai Latte; Growing in worldwide popularity in recent years, this spiced tea originally comes from India., Chai latte or masala chai is made by boiling black tea in milk and water with a mixture of aromatic herbs and spices, often including cardamom and cinnamon. Check out our Black Spicy Concentrate and our Golden Dore’ with Turmeric. Add to your favorite milk and add Ice.


3) Cortado: You know Lattes and you know Cappuccinos but what’s a Cortado? A cortado is basically a latte in a smaller package.While a latte is served with a frothy milk, the Cortado is equal parts espresso and warm milk to soften the taste and reduce the bitterness of espresso. We suggest our Catapult Espresso!


4) Espresso Romano: Did someone say Espresso? An espresso Romano is a shot of espresso with a squeeze of lemon and a lemon wedge. The lemon is be run around the rim of the cup to highlight the espresso's sweetness.  Did you know you can make espresso with our Iron Claw? If you have an espresso machine but don’t have our Catapult, try it with our Iron Claw.


5) Red Eye and Black Eye; How do you get the best of Espresso and the best of a cup of coffee? Top off a freshly brewed coffee with a shot of espresso and you have a red eye. Two shots and you have a black eye. We’ve mad this with our Tura Satana coffee and our Catapult Espresso and it was a knock out!


6) Dirty Chai; Same concept as a Red Eye, only add a shot of espresso to your Chai Tea. We suggest our Spicy Black Chai tea and our Catapult Espresso.


7) Shakerato: An Italian drink, A Shakerato is prepared using an espresso shot and ice cubes shaken together in a cocktail maker. Just like Ric Ocasek said, ‘Shake it up!’ And once you have a frothy consistency it usually strained into glass.

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