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Why should I buy whole bean coffee, when I can buy it already ground?

Oxygen is the culprit! Just like your glass of wine from the same bottle of a few days ago, coffee beans get oxidized. By grinding it fresh you’ll get the very best cup of coffee.

Remember store your beans in a cool, dark place until you’re ready to grind it. If you use a French press you want to do a coarser grind. Check the roasting date on your coffee and use older ones for cold coffee – it’s more forgiving.

Remember that water is important – get a filter for your tap so you know you’re getting the best possible water. 

We currently have an amazing and super cool looking grinder on the website. Very sleek and low profile. In addition to looking cool, it's grinds your beans with burr's as opposed to blades. Blades tend to 'smash' the beans and create and uneven grid size. Burrs create a more even grind and therefor a better extraction. The fancy way to say, a better cup of coffee.

Check it out here!

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