What the hell is Gibsunday and what does it have to do with Coffee.

What the hell is Gibsunday and what does it have to do with Coffee.

In short, #Gibsunday is a fan page for Gibson Guitar enthusiasts. Much like #Caturday, it’s a play on words combining Gibson and Sunday for; Gibsunday. On Sundays (and other days as well) people post pictures of their Gibson Guitars using this hashtag, and the site reposts them. Sunday is a day to decompress, it’s a great feed to scroll through with your morning (or afternoon) coffee. It creates a sense of community and socializing that’s been lost while we are in quarantine.

But let’s back it up a little bit here.

When you have a brand known for being built domestically there will always a soft spot for the ‘golden years’ which typically would be anything after say, 30 years ago. And not just guitars, people even feel that way about vintage Nintendos games. In the ’80s many domestic manufactures saw heavy competition from overseas producers. I think the effects were a focus on marketing, new technology, and cutting costs on the product. Quality, customer service, and core values taking a back seat. A specific domestic motorcycle company might be a good example.

It’s not a secret that Gibson Guitars has had its share of problems over the past decade and I think that in an effort to correct its course, it got even further off the path. To be blunt, many of us felt like we were hearing the ringing of the death toll for a brand we loved.

The Gibsunday page started in 2014 when it seemed our beloved company, which started in 1902 (though Orville Gibson made guitars in 1892) was on its last days.

Then, in late 2018 Gibson announced a restructuring of the company. Whereas the old regime ruled with a rubber mallet, this one was leaning into the things that made the company great; It’s fans, players, and employees who still believed in the company. It was like watching the Saints win the Super Bowl after New Orleans was devastated by Katrina.

In 2019 I was on tour with a band and had the chance to tour one of the two factories Gibson still builds guitars at. It was pretty awesome. But the best part was after the tour was completed. When I was waiting for my Uber, I stood there with an employee who had just finished his shift. We got to talking and he told me the story of how he worked on offshore oil rigs. His blew up and he was lucky to survive. He had no clue what to do with his life and came to Nashville. He had no experience at the time with guitars but knew about paint. Gibson gave him a shot and he’s worked for the company for (I think he said) 30 years and never plans to retire.

Which brings us back to, what does any of this have to do with Catfight Coffee?

Catfight coffee is an underdog (or cat) and we make coffee for people who feel like underdogs or outsiders. We really identify with the rebound that Gibson is making and it’s clear that the rebound starts with a core group of supporters.

We feel the same way.

We don’t believe that being the biggest makes you the best.

We believe that if your product is superior and you do right by people, THAT makes you the best.

Even if you aren’t a musician, pour a cup of coffee and check out both the Gibsunday IG and the official Gibson Guitar page. We’re all rock n rollers here and looking at these feeds is like a glimpse into your DNA.

So, how would you like to win a free bag of Catfight Coffee, a Limited Edition flip brim baseball hat, and a free Gibsunday coffee mug?⁠
All you have to do is follow both @catfightcoffee and @gibsunday Repost this photo with the hashtag #catfightongibsunday and tag 3 friends. ⁠
Then, this Sunday, August 16th at 2pm EST on the Catfight Coffee Instagram, one winner will be chosen at random. ⁠
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Winner must be in the continental United States, and all local laws and rules apply. this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Instagram or Gibson Guitars. ⁠


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