What can you bring to the table on Thanksgiving?

What can you bring to the table on Thanksgiving?

  With Thanksgiving upon us, it begs the age old question-what are you bringing to Thanksgiving dinner?  If your tenacious and crafty in the kitchen, maybe you have been assigned the task of making the turkey. If you watch our Cattail Hour live streams it should come as no surprise that we would be eager to volunteer for handling the deserts. In our book, handling deserts goes hand in hand with handling the coffee. 

 Coffee has traditionally been regarded as a digestif, which refers to a beverage that purportedly aids digestion when consumed after a meal.

While the coffee and digestion evidence isn't strong enough to suggest the brew can actually help break down food more efficiently, a July 2017 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences outlined how caffeine stimulates release of stomach acid. In turn stomach acid is needed to aid in the digestion of proteins. 

So what Catfight Coffee’s would we recommend you bring to Thanksgiving dinner?

Great Pumpkin- This one should be obvious. Imagine taking an already amazing single-origin Colombian coffee and introducing it to your favorite time of year-Fall. That's our Great Pumpkin Coffee. 

*low stock alert* only a few bags left Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Black Magic-We take a Latin American blend of coffee and carefully infuse it with natural essence. This conjures the taste of walnut, sweet chocolate, and aroma of Mahogany in a natural process that’s still safe for those with nut allergies. Black Magic is a French Roasted Columbian Coffee very subtly  infused with all-natural flavors of walnut, vanilla, and chocolate. Perfect to drink after Pecan or Pumpkin Pie.

Black Pumpkin-What happens with there is a double feature a the drive inn featuring Black Magic, and Great Pumpkin? No, it’s not Freddie vs Jason, it’s way better than that! One of our Catfight Crew mentioned that they were mixing Great Pumpkin with Black Magic. We thought it was such a Meowgical idea that we put it on our range. Since one of the components is Great Pumpkin, which we are low on, that also means that we will be running out of Black Pumpkin shortly as well.

Catapult-What better way to keep the food coma at bey than our Catapult Espresso roast coffee. This is by and far, our boldest, darkest coffee yet. For our 2nd anniversary blend, we wanted to pay our respect to the godfather of all coffees, the classic Italian Dark Roast!  After a trip to Italy, and doing heavy research at Italian cafes, we discovered that a blend of Brazil, Colombian, and Uganda beans was the way to go. 

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