We have a holiday bundle for everyone; Our bundle breakdown.

We have a holiday bundle for everyone; Our bundle breakdown.

Here it is!
 Our holiday bundles sure to please all the finicky cats on your list this year. To make things easier, we wrote this blog as a comprehensive list of our offerings. 

Black Magic, Beans and Bath Gift Set.
  This is the perfect, well-rounded gift set. It also might be a good introduction to someone new to Catfight Coffee. Not only does it have our best-selling Black Magic Coffee, but a bar of cold-pressed soap made with our Black Magic Coffee. Top it off with our brand new Campfire mug and this gift is as good as done. Check it out here! 

The Curious Cat Connoisseur Bundle:
Whether you are just starting your coffee adventure, or have a more experienced pallet, this bundle is perfect for the connoisseur curious drinker. 

 We bundled a bag of our zesty Mexican Light Roast coffee with a bag of Bali Medium Dark coffee. Both these coffees are exceptional single-origin 'Specialty' coffees certified to rank in the top 20 coffees traded on the market today, but both taste very different. Included is a pocket-sized coffee journal that helps you put down on paper the tastes you are searching to describe by offering a basic flavor wheel. And, we are throwing in one of our bag clip/spoons for perfect measurements every time. 
Check it out here.

The KCup Christmas Bundle:
We designed this bundle just for K-Cup drinkers. Pick your poison on 1 of our 4 coffees we offer, and we do the rest. Comes with our new durable Ceramic Campfire Mug, a box of KCups, and a limited-edition Lucky Cat pin not available for sale alone.
Check it out here.

Cold Hearted Cat Cold Brew Bundle; 
It never ceases to amaze (and humble us) our Catfight drinkers whose lust for our Cold Brew coffee has them braving the winter cold with Cold Brew coffee in hand. For the cold-hearted, this is for you.
We bundled our brand new cold (or Hot) beverage tumbler with a sleek new drawstring 2 pocket tote bag and, you get to pick your poison of Cold Brew pouches.
 Check it out here!

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