Never mind the malls, this is what you want!

Never mind the malls, this is what you want!

In an effort to help our fellow entrepreneurs/future world leaders. Here is a list of business we think rock. We think we have a great list of options below. 
The mark of a good gift is one that a person would want, but wouldn't think to buy for themselves. We think we have a nice list that can spark some ideas and make your gift stand out. Plus, you are supporting independent businesses. 
 Please feel free to add some businesses you like in the comments as well. 

     If you are looking for some well thought out and comfortable apparel for someone you love...or like...check these creeps out;

Death Comes Lifting make Horror and Metal themed workout gear. Perfect for being the misfit at the Gym, Yoga or any other work out activity. Beast Wreck is the studio that designed our new Catfight Coffee cat. All original designs by the artists themselves.

Fright Rags are your one stop shop for officially licensed apparel for the cinemaphile in your life! Similarly, but walking to the beat of their own drum, coming at you in technocolor we have Pentagram Peter pan 

One word comes to mind with Toxic Vision. HOT! If you are looking for a gift that's a bit more on the sexy side, look no further.
 What can we say about our good friends at Wornstar ClothingWornstar make tee shirts and apparel for rockers, and stage clothes for rock stars. Loads of smart accessories too! 

Speaking of Accessories you might need some Jewelry! Femme Metale have some great rock-a-billy, hot rod and pin up gear, while Opened Jesus have you covered for something creepy and still sophisticated. 

We are lucky to live in a day and age where there is some sick home items being produced by great companies who do better than some of the stuff we buy at Halloween and leave up year round. 

Rebels and Outlaws make some of the best candles and sprays that make you feel like you space was just sage smudged, and Cryptknotic candles help you navigate the darkness with some of the best molded candles we have seen.  And....if candles aren't what you had in mind, what about incense? Fear Bootique  have you covered there. 

If decorations were what you had in mind, look no further than Momento Mori for some great oddities and Death Couture for dressed up taxidermy. There is also Lively Ghosts who have everything to give your holiday table a creepy vibe. 
Why not keep it creepy at the diner table too? We love our Nicole Pangas mugs so much. Nicole is an exceptional artist and makes great ceramics as does our friend Lindsey at Cabinet of Curious Clay! You know you'll need something to put in these mugs...and if it isn't Catfight Coffee, how about some Brutaliteas tea?

  Justin at Pogo Beard has been a staple in our vending life. He makes great beard oils and hygiene products. If you havent tried our soaps yet, what are you waiting for? Ours are made by Little Bean Soapery!

 Not only does Waxwork records make the most creative vinyl re-releases of iconic movies, but they have been an inspiration to us as a business. 

Catfight Coffee

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