Midsummer Scream re-cap.

Midsummer Scream re-cap.

For those unfamiliar, Midsummer Scream is an exhilarating Halloween convention held annually in Long Beach, California, that has garnered a reputation as the ultimate celebration of all things spooky and macabre. With a fusion of haunted attractions, panel discussions, workshops, and a vast array of vendors, this event has become a mecca for Halloween enthusiasts, horror aficionados, and cosplayers from all over the world, and guess what? They are going to need coffee and who better to fuel them than Catfight?

The convention's heart lies in its immersive haunted attractions, featuring state-of-the-art sets and spine-chilling special effects that transport attendees into the very heart of their darkest nightmares. Visitors can test their courage in haunted mazes, interactive experiences, and escape rooms, designed to push the boundaries of fear and excitement.

Midsummer Scream also plays host to a diverse lineup of industry experts, artists, and performers who take part in insightful panel discussions, offering valuable insights into the art of scare and the craft of horror filmmaking. Workshops provide attendees with hands-on learning experiences, where they can master the art of special effects makeup, prop-building, and other eerie crafts.

Midsummer Scream Halloween Convention in Long Beach stands as an unparalleled celebration of the eerie, the enigmatic, and the enchanting, creating a haven for all those who embrace the spooky spirit of Halloween.

Linda Blair stopped by for some Catfight on her way out..

Linda Blair stoped by for some Catfight Coffee!

Harvey Guillen from What we do in the Shadows enjoyed our Meowgical Caramel all weekend long..

Our amazing crew!

Catfight Coffee


Catfight Coffee

Sounds amazing. Would love to visit one year. Keep keepin’ on dude. Proud of what you’re building. Your work ethic and drive are truly inspiring.

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