How to brew a better cup of coffee with your KCup Machine.

How to brew a better cup of coffee with your KCup Machine.

How do you say “water?”

In Philly they say “wuter” – crazy I know but hey, crazy things happen in Philadelphia! In the UK they say 'war-tar' or even 'wah ah' which incorporates what is called the Glottal Stop. 

But there is a point to my question and that has to do with your Keurig! What you use (not how you say it) is going to make a huge difference in your cup of coffee.

If you are using tap water that is free of chlorine that might be fine, but bottled spring water is the best! And considering that water is mostly what coffee is all about consider giving it a try.

Another important consideration is the amount of water you use with Keurig – trying to get “more” out of your pod just doesn’t work. Stop it!
 If you want a 16 oz. cup you need to use two K-cups. If you are using one pod for 16oz and wondering why you have a weak cup of coffee, that is most positively the reason. 

And don’t forget your water reservoir – it’s important to clean it regularly. There is a lot of information on the internet about the importance of cleaning your KCup reservoir, and it's not just about the taste. KCup Machines are notorious breading grounds for bacteria. Regular cleaning will make a better tasting cup of coffee and keep your machine from being gross.  

Check your instructions for amount of water and cleaning frequency. And rinse your pod each time if you’re using a reusable pod.

How you pronounce water doesn’t matter, but how you are using it in coffee is!
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