Happy Birthday Tura Satana.

Happy Birthday Tura Satana.

This week we celebrate Tura Satana’s birthday.

For those who don’t recognize Tura’s name, you might recognize the Russ Meyer movie ‘Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill’. You know the buxom brunette with the long black hair and tight bangs in the leather jumpsuit, kicking everyone's ass and driving sports cars across the desert?

That’s Tura Satana.

Do you know the band Faster Pussycat? That’s where they got their name.

White Zombie Fans may recognize Tura’s voice from the samples in ‘Thunder Kiss 65’ as well as in ‘Black Sunshine’.

Do you know the song ‘Astro Zombies’? Tura stared in that movie.

  But, why would we pick Tura to be our lead signature coffee?

On the surface, Tura is the original badass black haired leather-clad bad girl. 

Dig a little deeper and you will find women like Tura paved the way for countless other women to harness the power of their sexuality and also femininity.

Dig even deeper into her personal life and you will find her story is the one superheroes are made of.

Tura was born in Hokkaido Japan and her family moved to the US in 1942 where her family spent 2 years in a Japanese internment camp. That’s right, we hadn’t our own concentration camps here in the US. When the was over, her family settled in Chicago. At a young age, Tura was raped by a group of men. Her father responded to the attacks by training Tura in Aikido and Karate. Over the next 15 years, Tura exacted her revenge on each of the assailants.

After fulfilling her revenge, she moved back to Los Angeles. At 17 she started dating Elvis Presley and turned down a wedding proposal. After that, she dated Frank Sinatra. One day Russ Meyer spotted her, and he immediately cast her for his now legendary cult film, ‘Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill.’ Tura acted as her own stunt woman performing all the stunts herself.

Tura acted in 2 more movies, one of which was ‘Astro Zombies’ and only hung it up after surviving a gunshot to the stomach from her ex-boyfriend.

She created the image that, by now, has been copied by countless punk rock and alternative women for decades. She took what Bettie Page did and added her trademark ‘Cat Eyeliner’ and did it badder and meaner.

Lastly, Tura Satana was her real name.

Need I say more about how freaking cool Tura Satana is?

She’s dark, sweet, and too hot for you. Just like the coffee of her namesake.

With that, we say happy birthday Tura!

All week long take 10% off a bag of Tura Satana Coffee, just order it off the website. No codes or secret handshakes needed.

We have a great contest to go along with Tura’s birthday as well.

All you have to do is post a photo of any Catfight Coffee product on your Instagram feed (not stories), or in your Facebook feed. Tag 3 friends you know who love coffee, @catfightcoffee and @Tura_satana_productions Use the hashtags #catfightcoffee #Turasatna and #HappyBirthdayTura

5 Pussycats will win an official Tura Satana 8x10.

1 Runner up will win an 8x10, size L Tura Satana tee shirt, and a bag of Tura Satana Coffee.

1 Grand Prize winner will win 8x10, size L Tura Satana tee shirt, and a bag of Tura Satana Coffee, 20.00 gift card on the Tura Satana website, a Catfight Coffee tote bag AND Acey’s personal European DVD of ‘Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill’

Must live in the continental US, or willing to pay shipping outside the continental US. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram and all contestants local laws apply.

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