Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee

Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee

Let’s talk about Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee.

Some of us love a cold coffee over ice on these hot days right? But here’s the question – is all coffee cold brew?

Nope! Cold brew is a type of iced coffee but not all iced coffee is cold brew.

Iced coffee is coffee brewed in the usual method of hot water extracting the coffee from the grounds, cooled and served over ice.

So if you order iced coffee it is likely brewed hot coffee poured directly over ice or chilled in a fridge. The chilled in the fridge type increases the strength that makes up for the dilution that would occur if hot coffee is just poured over ice.

Cold Brew coffee is made without using hot water. The grounds are steeped in either room temperature or chilled water while immersed for a few hours. That way all of the coffee and all of the water are together in the same container. Most of the time cloth, felt, mesh, nylon or metal filters are used.  Cold Brew will create a drink that is smooth and sweet and less acidic than iced or hot coffee.

In our case, we make it super simple to make Cold Brew by providing pouches that are pre-measured and ready to drop into a pitcher of water. But, you may notice we don’t offer our entire range in cold brew pouches.

But you can always experiment with our other coffees as a cold brew or Iced Coffee as well!

  Mess around a bit! Experiment with the coffee to water ratio to get it just the way you like it.

You will want to use a coarser grind of coffee. Try various blends – some you may like better as cold brew, then when hot coffee. Have fun experimenting!

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