Coffee and love will always go the distance.

Coffee and love will always go the distance.

Love and Coffee know no boundaries…except the 6’ social distancing.

In a time where we are all stressed out and worries, here is an ‘Awwww’ worthy story. That obviously centers around coffee.

Every day, Inga Rasmussen, 85, and Karsten Tüchsen Hansen, 89, trek to a red-and-white fence that demarcates the border between Germany and Denmark.

Inga brings a chair and sits on the Danish side. Karsten settles onto the German side. They open a packet of biscuits and pour each other cups of coffee.

Rasmussen and Hansen met by chance last year, and since March 13, 2019, they have spent every day together, according to the German newspaper Deutsche Welle.

Hansen lives in Süderlügum, Germany, and Rasmussen is from Gallehus, Denmark. The border towns are typically only a 20-minute drive away from each other.

But almost one year exactly after they met, it became impossible to continue their daily meetings as usual. Between March 14 and 16, when both Germany and Denmark closed their borders to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Regardless, the couple was determined to see each other. They simply relocated their afternoon coffee plans to the border at Aventoft.

Now, every afternoon, Hansen rides his e-bike and Rasmussen drives to their fence. They arrange their supplies on a concrete slab between them and sit across from each other.

Rasmussen and Hansen's dates are fairly typical: they talk, share food, sometimes toast with coffee. Everything is fairly normal — except that they cannot hug or kiss each other.

"It's sad, but we can't change it," said Rasmussen.

The couple met two years ago purely by chance, they explained. Since March 13 last year, they have spent every day together.

"I am otherwise always with Karsten," said Rasmussen, “But, the time in between is already long, when you're alone” she added.

The couple hopes that by Easter they can visit each other again. They have also made plans for the future. When the restrictions are lifted —they would like to travel again.

"Cheers to the love," said Hansen as they toasted each other.

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