Catfight Coffee Black Friday Bundles

Catfight Coffee Black Friday Bundles

We put a lot of thought into how we can deliver the most value to everyone this Holiday season. Its a tough time right now for all of us so how can we bring our crew real value?

In addition to 20% off with these bundles (10% off the NOTLD Bundle), we are also offering the option of a personalized gift card written out to whomever you are giving the gift. And, the boxes will be shipped in another box to protect the integrity of the gift and the cool orange box it comes in. This way, the person receiving it will open up the shipping box, then open the box the gift is in. 

So! What are these bundles we speak of?

Let's dive in.

Our City Kitty bundle is pretty straight forward. Our new Catfight Coffee Mug with a bag of Iron Claw. The new mug comes with a really cool serving lid that doubles as a coaster! Pretty unique mug, but the kind of gift you can't go wrong with. 

Next we have our King of the Jungle Light, Medium and Dark Roast bundle which has (for the first time) all levels of Catfight coffee in one shot. It's a great way to sample the range Catfight has to offer. 

Last-we have the Door Buster Bundle!
 This is a little bit of everything and fantastic if you want to go the extra mile with your gift giving. We have our Iron Claw Coffee with our Black Spiced Chai Tea concentrate, the Bowie logo mug and a measuring spoon/bag clip. This is a very impressive gift set. 

We are sure you've seen this before, but we would be doing you a disservice if we don't also mention that the Night of the Living Dead bundle. This bundle is still available and the perfect gift for your coffee loving, horror movie creeping friend or fiend. 
This includes 3 bags of Night of the Living Dead coffee (Bag 1 and 3 are Highlander Grogg and Bag 2 is Black Pumpkin) all in one slick orange box and the limited signed and numbered poster screen printed poster. Also, the recipiant will be in the running to win a Tom Savini signed Jason Friday the 13th mask. 

Most importantly, we want to humbly thank everyone for making our first year such a huge success. 
Whatever Holiday you celebrate, be safe and stay healthy!

Catfight Coffee

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