Chiller Tuesday; Blood and Black Lace

Chiller Tuesday; Blood and Black Lace

She's back for the attack! Kris the Horror Queen is back with some of the best horror that was just too good for the theaters and went straight to video! This week Kris has Blood and Black Lace from 1964. 

Blood and Black Lace, originally titled 6 donne per l'assassino, was released in 1964 on multiple dates in Rome, Germany, and France. Directed by Mario Bava after his departure from Galatea Film, it faired rather unsuccessful upon release. Boasting a low budget, it was a French, Italian, and German production featuring a multilingual cast. Although it did not start the trend, many have credited this film as one of the first Giallo. Utilizing flashes of color, thrilling murder mystery, and a fantastic soundtrack - this movie without a doubt grasps your attention. And keeps it. 

The film opens with one of the models at Christian Haute Couture fashion house, Isabella, walking the property at night. As she proceeds, she is violently murdered. As seen with many movie of this sub genre, our killer sports a faceless mask, hat, trenchcoat, and black gloves! After the murder, we come to find Isabella kept a diary of all the staffs personal lives. The diary is found by one of the other models, and then stolen by another. The killer makes no haste in searching relentlessly for the book which holds incriminating evidence on the others - letting no one who stands in their way escape. As gruesome murder after another take place, police investigator Silvestri arrests everyone he believes to be a suspect. As the bodies pile up, we get closer and closer to finding out who could be responsible for such macabre. What motive would this killer have? Or perhaps killers? Is this the work of a sex crazed maniac, or is a deeper selfish interest at hand? 

Whether you’re new to Giallo or a seasoned viewer, do not leave this one on your watchlist! This one is one of my favorites. From the mystery, to the visuals- wonderful soundtrack to the whodunnit style, you’ll never regret giving this movie a watch! 

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