Autumn is awesome for coffee!

Autumn is awesome for coffee!

When it’s cool outside, reaching for a hot beverage seems to have a comforting impact on the body. Did you know that coffee remains the most sought-after beverage (after water) when temperatures start to freeze? But what coffee are we craving most in cold weather? 

Most people drink hot coffee during cold weather with the intent of warming up the body, whereas we drink it to keep from committing homicides. It may seem that hot coffee helps warm up the body in cold weather, but the truth is, the stimulant has a very low impact on body temperature. It does, however, help your body relax and feel comfortable. Besides, wrapping your hands around the cup helps keep the hands warm, especially when exposed to cold.

So, what Catfight Coffees lend themselves to the Fall vibe?

Black Pumpkin Limited; This coffee was a concoction formulated by one of our Catfight Crew. They mixed Black Magic with our Great Pumpkin and Black Pumpkin was born. Much like our Great Pumpkin, this isn't as heavy on the 'spice' side and more on the pumpkin pie side. The Black Walnut infusion adds richness and depth. Grab some here!

Great Pumpkin, Fall Infusion; We knew we wanted to, and needed to have something that represented the Pumpkin Spice Latte crowd. Which we loved...right up till every 'Karen' in America ripped it out of our hands and claimed it for their own. We scrutinized what we liked and didn't like about the run of the mill Pumpkin Spice. We felt that sometimes the 'spice' component could taste synthetic (though it's not). It could distract from the pumpkin taste. We went with more of a Nutmeg spice rather than Cinnamon and have been very happy with the results! Grab some here.

Evil Dead, Pecan Tennessee Whiskey;  There are lot's of companies that license a franchise, slap the name on a bag of coffee and call it a day. That ain't us. Since the original movie Evil Dead takes place in Tennessee we thought about things the state is known for. Pecans and Whiskey! So we infused a great blend of Latin American Coffees with these nuances to create this banger of a coffee. The design of the bag is pretty awesome as well! Thanks to Chris Nielsen. Grab some here!

Highlander Grogg; Again, a suggestion from the Catfight Crew. Highlander Grogg what happens with Butterscotch, Rum and Vanilla are brought together in a steaming hot (or cold brew) cup of dark rich coffee. We always make sure the infusion is done subtly so you always taste 'coffee'. One cup of Highlander Grogg and you will feel ready to conquer your enemies as you walk out into the foggy marsh of your day. Grab some here!

What's your favorite fall coffee?

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