A coffee a day keeps the Doctor away!

A coffee a day keeps the Doctor away!

In case you haven’t heard enough about hearts recently..

 Per the American Heart Association drinking one or more cups of plain, leaded coffee a day was shown to result in long term reduced risk of heart failure.

Now of course the study suggests it shouldn’t include added sugar and high fat dairy products such as cream. The risk remained the same for those who drank no coffee or one cup a day. The answer is that you must drink two or more cups a day and your risk will decrease by about 30%.

Keep in mind the study used a cup as 8 ounces – to compare a grande cup which is about 16 ounces.

And, these benefits do not apply to kids as they recommend children and adolescents should not drink caffeinated coffee.

And too much coffee could cause jitteriness and sleep problems – moderation is the key!

Ok – I promise no more heart talk until next February!

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