LIMITED🔥 Rum Tum Tiger; Rum Cask infused Single Origin Brazilian Coffee


Our Catfight Crew loved our Bourban Cask Coffee so much, that we had to come up with a spirit-infused coffee that would top it.

Welcome Rum Tum Tiger-Our Rum Cask infused single-origin Brazilan coffee.
Green coffee beans are extremely porous and the taste after roasting can be easily influenced by how they are handled. We use that liability to our advantage by putting the green beans into the empty casks used to age fine Rum for approximately a month. While the beans are infused with the flavor of Rum, they are rotated several times a week over the course of a month.

This infuses the coffee with the aroma of charred oak and tobacco. With the smooth sweet taste of vanilla and obviously, Rum. Then we take great care to roast the coffee to a medium-dark profile. 

It's a long process, but worth all the extra time. You'll agree! 
Each bag is signed and numbered, limited to this 100 12oz bag run!