K-Cup Lunchbox Set , 24-Count Single Serve Variety Pack


As if it's not cool enough that you can get 24 KCups in a Catfight Coffee Lunchbox, you can also pick our sampler option which gives you 6 of each of the 4 coffees we offer. 
Catfight Coffee offers Kcup pods in our Iron Claw (Morning Blend), Eclipse (Dark Roast), Black Magic (Black Walnut), and Great Pumpkin. All our coffee in our single-serving pods is high-quality Arabica coffee.

*What's in the bundle:

1 Lunchbox

6 Iron Claw Morning Blend k-cups

6 Eclipse Dark Roast k-cups

6 Black Magic English Walnut k-cups

6 The Great Pumpkin k-cups (Limited)