🎁 K-Cup Christmas Bundle w/ exclusive black lucky cat pin


We designed this bundle just for K-Cup drinkers. Pick your poison on one of four coffees we offer, and we do the rest!
 Comes with our new durable Ceramic Campfire Mug, a box of KCups, and a limited-edition Lucky Cat pin!

* Bundles includes: 
1 box of K-cup Coffee; 1 Catfight Coffee mug ;
*Exclusive* 1 Black Lucky Cat Pin   

Black Cat Ceramic Campfire Mug: 13oz, tip-cup vintage style is great for family, school, camping, and other outdoor activities. Perfect for outdoors and indoors.

Eclipse Dark Roast Coffee Tasting note: Bakers chocolate and blackberry

Black Magic English Walnut Coffee Tasting note: English walnut and chocolate chip

Iron Claw Morning Blend Coffee Tasting note: Semi-sweet chocolate and mulberry

Highlander Grogg Coffee Tasting note: Butterscotch, rum, and vanilla

Happy Holidays to all coffee lovers.