Declawed Decaf Coffee


Death before Decaf, right? That’s been our battle cry for years. Not just because most of us would miss the caffeine kick, but let’s be honest; Most Decafs just don’t taste very good. Until now. Our Declawed Decaf has the caffeine removed, but still has the fight of the full test. We took a hight quality single-origin Colombian coffee and roasted it to a darker profile. Not sulfury dark, yet still full of personality-very similar to our Eclipse Dark Roast. Whether you have health concerns that prevent you from caffeinated products or you long for a cup of coffee late at night because you like the taste but don’t want to stay awake in bed staring at the ceiling. Catfight has the decaf that still has flavor.

Tasting notes; Bakers Chocolate, Black Cherry, heavy, rich, and long finish.

*please note that Catfight Coffee does NOT endorse the Declawing of animals. This is just a play on words.