🎁 The Curious Cat Connoisseur Bundle


Whether you are just starting your coffee adventure, or have a more experienced pallet, this bundle is perfect for the connoisseur curious drinker. 
 We bundled a bag of our zesty Mexican Light Roast coffee with a bag of Bali Medium Dark coffee. Both these coffees are exceptional single-origin 'Specialty' coffees certified to rank in the top 20 coffees traded on the market today, but both taste very different. Included is a pocket-sized coffee journal that helps you put down on paper the tastes you are searching to describe by offering a basic flavor wheel. And, we are throwing in one of our bag clip/spoons for perfect measurements every time. 

** Bundles includes; 
 1 bag of Bali Coffee; 1 bag of Cleopatra Coffee; 1 Catfight Coffee mug; 1 Coffee Journal; 1 Coffee measuring and clip spoon.   

Bali Kintamani Medium Dark Roast Coffee Tasting note: Dark berry, spice, syrupy body, and long finish

Cleopatra Mexican Light Roast Coffee Tasting note: Sweet, cherry, cacao, and lime

Black Cat Ceramic Campfire Mug: 13oz, tip-cup vintage style is great for family, school, camping, and other outdoor activities. Perfect for outdoors and indoors.

Happy Holidays to all coffee lovers.