Cheaters Club ;Mystery Box Monthly Subscription


Automatically renew Monthly and once you stay in the club for 3 months you get an extra surprise in the box. The limited edition enamel pin shown in the photos here.

Welcome to join Our 'Cheaters Club' . The Mystery Box subscription offers so much fun.

What’s in the box?

EXCLUSIVE CHEATERS COFFEE Limited coffee of the month
-Each month, your Cheaters Club box will contain an exclusive 12oz bag of coffee that isn't available on the Catfight website.

PASTRY/SWEETFrom an independent baker or confectioner. The coffee and the pastry selected specifically to be paired together for an amazing taste experience. 

MYSTERY GIFT:A different accessory, toy, prize or kitchenware item geared towards cats and coffee. You will find out when you get it!!

PRIVATE ZOOM MEETUPOnce a month Acey will host a zoom meet-up where we talk about the exclusive coffee, the pastry, or whatever the 'Cheaters Club' wants to talk about.  You can wait to try the coffee and snack pairing for the meetup or-if you can't wait that's OK too! There's no judgment in the Cheaters Club. 

*EXTRA BONUS* FREE COFFEEYour 3 month pin is ONLY for members of the Catfight Cheaters Club and not available anywhere else.Show your Cheaters Club pin at any event we vend at and get a FREE CUP OF COFFEE!

We named our mystery box 'Cheaters Club' for those of us that are trying to lose some covid weight, but still need a 'Cheat Day' from our diet or exercise.  Or maybe you just want to try new coffee and sweets from independent businesses.
We are all working hard, and we are all entitled to a 'Cheat Day'.