Caturra Single Origin Micro Lot Specialty Coffee, Medium Roast


Our new Colombian Caturra comes from a miro lot in Narino Colombia. Knowing our Catfight Crews taste, it took us 2 years to vet a Medium roast coffee that was worthy of being poured into a Catfight mug.

While at our local hang-out coffee shop we started a conversation with our barista. We remarked at how much better the coffee was that day. That's when our barista informed us that it was coffee from his family's plantation and that he moved to the US with the sole purpose of breaking his coffee here in the US. That his time in the restaurant was just to get his feet on the ground here in a new country. A true testament to how good this coffee is, his time as a barista didn't last long. Distributing coffee is his full-time gig now. Another coffee we love and have a personal relationship with. 

Tasting Notes; Cherry and Plumb fruit notes with a creamy chocolate body. A short finish with a floral/ rose after taste. 

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