Black Magic Cold Brew (Taste Notes: English Walnut)


What if you could go to bed dreaming of Cold Brew coffee and wake in the morning to find it magically appeared there in your refrigerator?  That it tasted like no other coffee you ever had! Magic? Black Magic to be specific! Catfight Coffee’s cold brew is the easiest cold brew to make. We put our Black Magic English Walnut single-origin Arabica coffee in a filter pouch.

Instruction: Put one pouch in a pitcher of 32-48 oz of water and let it steeps for 6-8 hours and boom! You have cold brew dark enough to block out the sun! 

1 Bag: includes 3 pouches in total

3 Bags: Includes 9 pouches in total

*TIPS: If you really want to up your game, pour some cold brew into an Ice Tray. Put cold brew coffee Ice cubes in your cold brew coffee! Enjoy!

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