🎁 Black Magic Beans and Bath Bundle


This is the perfect, well-rounded gift set and introduction to Catfight Coffee. Not only does it have our best-selling Black Magic Coffee, but a bar of cold-pressed soap made with our Black Magic Coffee. Top it off with our brand new Campfire mug and this gift is as good as done. 

* Bundles includes: 
1 Black Magic Coffee, 1 Catfight Coffee mug, and a bar of Black Magic Cold-pressed handmade soap.

Black Magic English Walnut Coffee Tasting notes: English walnut and chocolate chip infused in Latin American Medium Dark roast blend. 

Black Cat Ceramic Campfire Mug: 13oz, tip-cup vintage style is great for family, school, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Black Magic Cold process handmade soap ingredients: Olive, Coconut, Plam, Castor, Sweet Almond oils, Catfight Black Magic Coffee ground, Mica, Activated Charcoal, and Hydroxide. The whole process is typically a minimum of 4 weeks. This allows the soaponification to completely finish and the soap to dry. It's a unique gift.

Happy Holidays to all coffee lovers.